Fun Settings – Great Coffee!

By: Katie Kershman

Fort Collins is known for all the great local restaurants. We have more restaurants per capita than any other city in Colorado! For college students, coffee shops are a pillar in our diet and social life. I thought it would be useful to compare two of my favorite coffee shops close to campus – The Alley Cat and The Wild Boar.

ImageThe Alley Cat is a great little café located off of Laurel St. between College Avenue and Mason St.
There is a giant pointing hand in the alley to lead the way. One of the best aspects of this café is that it is open 24 hours. This is great for college students that keep unusual hours (as I’m sure most of us do). They have coffee, chi and tea drinks ranging from $1 – $4 (a fairly low cost when you consider many of Starbucks’ drinks cost more). They also have a wide selection of smoothies and shakes for $4.25 (these are definitely recommended by me). Breakfast is served all day, in addition, to an assortment of sandwiches and snacks.

Like most coffee shops, The Alley Cat has free wifi and they also ofImagefer in-shop printing at a low cost. Despite these convenient office offerings, I wouldn’t recommend this location if you’re looking to study in the evenings (though I do see people attempting this). They have regular performances by live bands and local artists which can make the place fairly loud. It also has a high volume of customers so it can be tricky finding an open table. If you’re looking for a fun environment to spend an evening I highly recommend this location!


Another fun environment I would suggest  is The Wild Boar. It is located near the corner of College and Prospect at 1510 South College Ave.  The shop is a 1924 bungalow style home with historic significance and an old world atmosphere which makes it an enjoyable setting to explore.

Because it is an old house there are many different rooms to camp out. They also have a wider selection of food with American, Greek, and Mexican food choices for reasonable prices. Additionally, they have their liquor license which means they offer a great selection of microbrews and wine (though I don’t suggest mixing these with your study time). The coffee here is outstanding and free wifi makes it easy to camp out for several hours and accomplish some serious study time.Image

These are just two of my favorite coffee shops around town, but there are a lot of options close to campus. What are some of your favorite shops to visit in the area?