Internships: More than Copy Machines and Coffee Makers

By Courtney Grogan

The cool, fall breeze signals the beginning of football season for many people. For me, it means continuing the internship of a lifetime. This will be my second season working with the Denver Broncos.

CourtneylinkedinAt the end of my sophomore year, I was browsing CareerRam for a summer internship. I thought it seemed too good to be true when “Denver Broncos Marketing and Promotions” appeared on my screen. After submitting my resume, I soon forgot about the job, thinking that it would be a complete long shot. After a couple of months, I received an email asking if I was still interested, and would I like to set up a phone interview for the job. I wondered if anyone would say no to that. That afternoon, I had a phone interview with the Promotions and Marketing Coordinator and nervously waited for a response for over a week. After a long finals week awaiting a phone call from the Broncos, I finally received an email asking me to be part of the marketing and promotions team.

The 2012-2013 season was a legendary one for the Broncos. It was Peyton Manning’s first season with the team, taking them all the way to the playoffs. Many said that the team was Super Bowl bound; the only team standing in the way was the Baltimore Ravens. It was -10 degrees on the field during that game, but everyone was so excited at the prospect of advancing in the playoffs that they didn’t mind. The game did not go as eager fans had hoped. The devastating loss to the Ravens that night was one of the top five worst days of my life. Seeing the team and staff work so hard all year, only to have it end so suddenly, was difficult to experience. We all left the stadium in silence and hoped that the following season would be better.  The experience showed me what it is like to work for an organization where everyone is completely invested in its success. The same principle can be applied to any company, sports related or not.

So far, the 2013-2014 season has been shaping up to be another big year for the Broncos. I was chosen to do the Coca-Cola Coin Toss at each game, which involves escorting a special guest as well as an alumni player out on to the field for the coin toss. Staying professional and keeping my composure is a huge part of my internship.

Terrell Davis signing an autograph for a fan

Terrell Davis signing an autograph for a fan

A lot of people ask me if I get player autographs and pictures, but I think the best part is being able to see behind the scenes and talk to players as people and not celebrities. Meeting and escorting Broncos legend Terrell Davis during the NFL season opener versus the Ravens was a huge moment. The Broncos won the game and gave the organization the redemption it had been craving for eight months.

The College of Business Job & Internship Expo is this Wednesday and Thursday, Sept. 18 and 19.  I encourage you all to go out and talk to companies that you might not usually consider. Internships can be more than making copies and getting coffee for the office. Your personal interests can lead you to a rewarding internship that makes you look forward to going to work each day.


6 Reasons the College of Business Is the Place to Be Homecoming Weekend

by Tim Pate

The Colorado State University parade is always amazing, but it’s even better when enjoyed with friends on the beautiful Oval.

Oval ParadeThe Homecoming Parade is an event that attracts tons of people from the Fort Collins community. What better place to watch the show than on the Oval as the leaves change color? The Oval is an icon of CSU, and it will be packed with students, faculty, alumni and friends as the floats march by. The College of Business will have a special tent set up, and there will be food, warm drinks, and chairs available – so you can watch the parade in comfort. This is also a great opportunity to build your network with CSU business professors and alumni. So grab your friends and spend some time on the most stunning part of campus.

Your lawn game skills could use some fine-tuning for future tailgating activities.

So you’re not the best Cornhole player in the world. Hone your skills with your friends at the College of Business so that you can become a lawn-game master at your next tailgate. Lawn games will be available for your enjoyment (and practice).

Soul School says, “Class is now in session!” And you don’t want to be absent.

The group recognized for their “tight harmonies, their non-stop energy on stage, and their choreography” will definitely be a highlight of the day. If you haven’t checked out Soul School online yet, do it now. The group is one of the premiere cover bands in Colorado, with a repertoire ranging from golden oldies to Lady Gaga.  You don’t want to miss their show.

See cars that you’ll be hard-pressed to find on the road today.

The College of Business has gone the extra mile to feature an antique car show at the Reunion at Rockwell. With 22 old-school automobiles at the event, you’ll get to see some of the best rides from back in the day. These cars spend most of their time under lock and key, so this is a unique chance to see some rare, beautiful machines.

The College of Business facilities are very high-quality. Show them off to your family (they’ll be impressed).

Your parents know you’re at CSU to study business, but they may not know how the College goes about teaching you. Give them a tour of Rockwell and they’ll know that you’re getting your money’s worth at a top-of-the-line institute. Show them the ticker in the Rockwell lobby; the financial trading room; the central control room; or any of the technologically advanced classrooms. (If you haven’t seen some of these locations yourself, make a point of finding them this weekend.) Your parents will be fascinated to
see how advances in technology have changed the way we teach business.

You get *free* warm beverages and tasty food to match the occasion.

If nothing else, the College of Business Homecoming celebration is going to be a smorgasbord of good food. Homecoming weekend is going to feature some cool Colorado fall weather (with a high of 51 degrees on Friday and 49 degrees on Saturday), so it’s lucky that the College has some warm treats prepared for you. Grab a warm drink during the parade, or some hotdogs and hamburgers during the Rockwell Reunion. And what says “Homecoming football food” better than cotton candy and popcorn to complement your grub off the grill?

Homecoming is a time for fun, family, and friends. Have a great weekend and soak up as much CSU culture as you can. Be safe, and be proud to be a CSU Ram!

What CSU’s Rocky Mountain Showdown Victory Teaches Us About College and Business

On the first day of September, virtually the entire Colorado State University community had one thing on its mind: the Rocky Mountain Showdown football game against the University of Colorado Buffaloes.


For those who were able attend the game in Denver, the Rams put on an exciting show both schools have come to expect from the annual faceoff. After 48 minutes of white-knuckle action, the CSU Rams emerged victorious in a 22-17 win over the Buffs.

If you watched the game, you know that the play wasn’t always smooth. Penalties inflicted harm on both teams, and there were turnovers to go around. However, the Rams were able to fight for the win, and the tactics that gave them the advantage serve as a great analogy for personal success in the collegiate and professional worlds…

You have to earn respect and recognition.

Before the game ever started, Coach McElwain sent a message with his choice in uniforms for the 2012 season. McElwain ditched the pizzazz of the previous year in favor of plain, sharp jerseys.

“To me you have to earn the uniform,” McElwain said. “As of right now, we haven’t done any of that. I do believe we will.”

In the professional world, you have to expect to work your way to the top. Your first job will likely not be an upper-management position, but there is nothing stopping you from reaching your goals. If you begin your career humble but determined, you will earn the deference you seek in time.

When an opportunity comes along, take it.

 The Rams found opportunities on both offense and defense that aided in their victory. On defense, the Rams were able to hold the Buffs to a grand total of 58 rushing yards for the entire game. The CSU defense also put a great deal of pressure on CU’s quarterback, Jordan Webb, and made it difficult for the transfer from Kansas to compensate for the team’s weak running game.

On offense, the Rams were able to capitalize on two mistakes by the Buffs. The first was a bad punt that gave the Rams excellent field position. CSU was able to move the ball forward and score before halftime. The second mistake was a personal foul by a CU defenseman, which moved the Rams an additional 15 yards forward, and subsequently led to another touchdown.

Finding and taking advantage of prospects is crucial in college. Especially in terms of networking and finding job opportunities, students should always be on the lookout for chances to advance their careers. At work, employees also need to seek these opportunities. Taking the lead on projects and going the extra mile in your position are great ways to grab the attention of your boss.

Solid leadership is essential for success.

CSU was truly invested in a “Bold New Era” when McElwain was brought to Fort Collins from Alabama. He brought with him not only a solid skillset as a coach, but a mentality of winning that the CSU football program desperately needed. McElwain’s statement that hard work would produce results was an indispensable component of the Rams’ victory.

Becoming a good leader is not necessarily something that students can gain from textbooks – it takes experience. That’s why the College of Business encourages students not only to get involved in the many programs and organizations available through the College, but to also take part in a leadership position. The ability to govern groups (be they small groups for class projects or large teams for national competitions) is a skill that automatically boosts your employability.