The Sweetest Comeback Ever

By: Annie Burnham and Natalie Hansen

The beloved Hostess Twinkie is back. Two empty boxes later … We’ve got the skinny on the new baby cake.

Annie: Last Wednesday, Natalie and I (Annie) went on an adventure in search of a box of Twinkies. What started out as a simple trip to Walmart turned into a desperate search for just one box of Twinkies. And we did it for you, College of Business students.

On Monday, July 15, Hostess Brand LLC, now owned by Apollo Global Management and Metropoulos & Co, returned Twinkies to store shelves. As we looked around Walmart, we couldn’t even find a Hostess display. What kind of welcome back party was this for the beloved Hostess delights?

Finally on a tiny shelf at the front of the store, we found the Hostess products  . . .  and no Twinkies.

A Walmart employee, noticing our distress, came up to us and said, “All of the Walmarts in town are sold out of Twinkies. We’re waiting for another shipment.”

All of the sudden, this wasn’t a simple work assignment – this was a quest to find a box of Twinkies. Were we going to find any Twinkies in this town?

Our second attempt to find Twinkies was at a King Soopers — another disappointing stop. We were informed that the store was also sold out, having just taken down a large Hostess display that had been emptied by Twinkie-lovers of Fort Collins.


Our last stop was the Safeway on Mulberry Street. We walked quickly toward the bakery, hoping that there would be Twinkies around the corner. Our excitement when we spotted the Hostess table was a measure above ridiculous. We were tempted to load our arms full of boxes and carry them over to the cashier, like pirates who had finally found their buried treasure. We felt a bit like Tallahassee did at the end of Zombieland, when he at long last got his hands on one of the crème cakes.

Instead, we got two boxes so everyone in the office could partake of the “new” Twinkies.

Upon our return we were greeted with cheers and open palms . . . Okay, so maybe that’s an exaggeration. But our pilgrimage around town to find a box of Twinkies was entertaining to tell.

Now for the moment of truth: the Twinkie taste test.

Natalie: The consensus around the office was that these new, improved Twinkies tasted like … Twinkies. I only ate one Twinkie (three) for the novelty factor, and I don’t feel like I ever need to eat a Twinkie again.  Not surprisingly, most of us also felt like we’d swallowed a brick after consuming two or three of them. Though the little cakes still taste like you remember (and still bring the sugar headache and crash you remember), we observed some changes.


Upon opening a new box of Twinkies, you may notice a few differences. Namely, the yellow sponge cakes are a bit smaller. A recent CNN Money article by Chris Isidore states that the weight of a 10 pack of Twinkies is now 13.58 ounces, down from 15 ounces. This also means that the treats now have fewer calories.  Isidore notes that a Hostess spokesperson has stated that the weight was actually changed by November 1st of last year (right before production halted on November 16th), so this isn’t a new development.

What is new, however, is that Twinkies are now one step closer to making the urban legend about them lasting forever true. Hostess has changed up the recipe, and the cakes now last 45 days, as opposed to the old 26. Candace Choi at USA Today mentions that Hostess is also offering to freeze their products before shipment, so that retailers may stamp on their own expiration dates.

Some changes that Hostess has made have not been well received. According to another CNN Money piece, only a portion of the 18,500 positions that were lost when Hostess went bankrupt last year will be returning – just about 20 to 25 percent. While Hostess used to employ their own truck drivers, distribution will now be outsourced to independent trucking firms. Only 1,800 workers will be used in each factory to produce the Hostess products, where 2,500 were used before. This has left many with questions on the new management’s decisions.

However, it’s apparent from our excursion to find a single box of Twinkies that Hostess products are flying off the shelves. The public has missed their Twinkies. For now, the “Sweetest Comeback in the History of Ever” campaign seems to be working. Disappearing from the market for a while may have been just the boost that the decades-old brand needed; the “new brand” uses the exact same packaging and style.

Not all of the Old Hostess products are available yet; according to Hostess’ website, we will have wait a little longer to get back SnoBalls and Zingers. Time will tell if Hostess’ downsizing will be outweighed by a marketing campaign rooted in nostalgia, and if the brand as the whole will be able to remain in the market for years to come.


Top Three Reasons to Attend the College of Business Career Expo

By Annie Burnham

Tomorrow, February 6, the Career Management Center is hosting their semi-annual College of Business Job and Internship Expo. From 4:30 – 6:30 p.m. join more than 50 different companies for networking in the Rockwell West Atrium. Why, may you ask, should you take advantage of this? Because graduation will be upon us before you know it and looking for potential jobs now will save you a lot of stress later. And if that isn’t enough to convince you, here are the top three reasons why you should sign up to attend the Career Expo tomorrow:

  1. Distribute your Résumé: You have the potential to get your résumé submitted for dozens of jobs. This will require you to do some research tonight and tomorrow morning. The Career Management Center has a list of the employers coming, so go ahead and browse the ones that appeal to you. See what positions they have open that you can fill. You might have to tailor your résumé a bit for specific positions but the fact that you prepared ahead will demonstrate your attention to detail.
  2. Networking Potential: Not only will this help with your possibilities for careers but also it will allow you to explore different options to meet your needs and interests. The more network connections you have, the more likely you are to get a job after graduation. The saying “It’s all about who you know” nine times out of ten is correct. Be confident and assert yourself. What do you have to lose?
  3. Free LinkedIn pictures: You will already be dressed up to present yourself to companies, so you are bound to look professional in your LinkedIn profile picture. This will help your page viewers see that you are able to present a professional image of yourself. Updating your LinkedIn page often is a good plan to increase your chances for landing a job.

CAN we do it? Yes we CAN!

Collaboratively written by Tim Pate and guest blogger Stephanie Meisner

Cans Around the Oval

College of Business students: Are you ready to break some records?

The time has come again that we are asking for the support of the Fort Collins community to combat hunger. That’s right – It’s time for Cans Around the Oval, the annual fundraiser at Colorado State University to benefit those affected by hunger in Larimer County. The College of Business is always one of the top contributors to the event, and we believe that this year can be even better than before. We just need your help.

Cans Around the Oval is an annual event started in 1986 by a CSU student with the goal of lining the entire oval with canned goods. Over the past 26 years, these donations have gone to the Larimer County Food Bank and individuals in need in Northern Colorado.

Donations are crucial for people without the resources to provide food for their family and themselves. As students, we can help them have a wonderful meal this holiday season. Together we can make a difference.

Last year, the University received donations of 60,300 pounds of food and $34,000. Nearly 30 percent of these donations (10,000 pounds of food and $14,000!) came from the College of Business, the leading contributor the past six years. This year, the University’s goal is to donate 65,000 pounds of food and $40,000.

College of Business CANstruction

The College of Business’s winning sculpture from 2011: A tribute to Steve Jobs and Apple

This week, on Oct. 10, the University will hold a CANstruction event on the Lory Student Center Plaza. This is a chance for students to form teams and create sculptures out of cans in order to encourage donations. Judges and students will determine who has the best design. The College of Business won last year with a tribute to the late Steve Jobs. CANstruction will also feature carnival games and other activities to engage students in the fundraiser.

Contributing is easy. You can make an online donation by visiting the Larimer County Food Bank donation page. In the “Donate on the behalf of field” please write “College of Business.”

You can also contribute by donating canned food or non-perishable goods to the CSU College of Business on Laurel and Sherwood. Let’s help each other make a difference for those in need.

Stephanie Meisner is currently a senior at Colorado State University studying business marketing and apparel merchandising. She also received an Entrepreneurship Certificate from the College of Business. Her commitment is towards a variety of community service efforts ranging from serving at the Community Service Chair for the Dean’s Student Leadership Council to being the event coordinator for Up ‘Til Dawn, an organization that raises money for St. Jude’s Children Hospital.  Meisner also served as the president of Entrepreneurship Club last year and continues with her passion of helping others by currently developing a business that focuses on serving as a resource to many non-profits.  Meisner worked for the Everitt Real Estate Center for three years and developed program efforts to get students interacting with industry professionals. Now she is a marketing intern at Water Pik, Inc. gaining firsthand experience in market research.

6 Reasons the College of Business Is the Place to Be Homecoming Weekend

by Tim Pate

The Colorado State University parade is always amazing, but it’s even better when enjoyed with friends on the beautiful Oval.

Oval ParadeThe Homecoming Parade is an event that attracts tons of people from the Fort Collins community. What better place to watch the show than on the Oval as the leaves change color? The Oval is an icon of CSU, and it will be packed with students, faculty, alumni and friends as the floats march by. The College of Business will have a special tent set up, and there will be food, warm drinks, and chairs available – so you can watch the parade in comfort. This is also a great opportunity to build your network with CSU business professors and alumni. So grab your friends and spend some time on the most stunning part of campus.

Your lawn game skills could use some fine-tuning for future tailgating activities.

So you’re not the best Cornhole player in the world. Hone your skills with your friends at the College of Business so that you can become a lawn-game master at your next tailgate. Lawn games will be available for your enjoyment (and practice).

Soul School says, “Class is now in session!” And you don’t want to be absent.

The group recognized for their “tight harmonies, their non-stop energy on stage, and their choreography” will definitely be a highlight of the day. If you haven’t checked out Soul School online yet, do it now. The group is one of the premiere cover bands in Colorado, with a repertoire ranging from golden oldies to Lady Gaga.  You don’t want to miss their show.

See cars that you’ll be hard-pressed to find on the road today.

The College of Business has gone the extra mile to feature an antique car show at the Reunion at Rockwell. With 22 old-school automobiles at the event, you’ll get to see some of the best rides from back in the day. These cars spend most of their time under lock and key, so this is a unique chance to see some rare, beautiful machines.

The College of Business facilities are very high-quality. Show them off to your family (they’ll be impressed).

Your parents know you’re at CSU to study business, but they may not know how the College goes about teaching you. Give them a tour of Rockwell and they’ll know that you’re getting your money’s worth at a top-of-the-line institute. Show them the ticker in the Rockwell lobby; the financial trading room; the central control room; or any of the technologically advanced classrooms. (If you haven’t seen some of these locations yourself, make a point of finding them this weekend.) Your parents will be fascinated to
see how advances in technology have changed the way we teach business.

You get *free* warm beverages and tasty food to match the occasion.

If nothing else, the College of Business Homecoming celebration is going to be a smorgasbord of good food. Homecoming weekend is going to feature some cool Colorado fall weather (with a high of 51 degrees on Friday and 49 degrees on Saturday), so it’s lucky that the College has some warm treats prepared for you. Grab a warm drink during the parade, or some hotdogs and hamburgers during the Rockwell Reunion. And what says “Homecoming football food” better than cotton candy and popcorn to complement your grub off the grill?

Homecoming is a time for fun, family, and friends. Have a great weekend and soak up as much CSU culture as you can. Be safe, and be proud to be a CSU Ram!