A Different Kind of Relationship Building for February 14th

By Natalie Hansen

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and your time is probably spent thinking about what to do for that special someone. If you’re single, maybe you’re more focused on taking the day for yourself. Regardless of your love life status, as a business student you should take this time to reflect on a different type of relationship – the kind that sets you up for success.

You’ve probably heard the phrase “it’s all about who you know” more times than you’d like to remember. Cliché or not, it’s true – your education and work ethic are your solid (and necessary) foundation, but your network is how you eventually land that dream job, according to LinkedIn. Take this Valentine’s Day to implement the top five ways the CSU College of Business has developed to strengthen your network and lay the groundwork for your future:

1) Send “thank you” cards to professors, supervisors and other professionals who have helped you grow.

Networking expands your support system.

You’ve hopefully been able to use your college career to build relationships and find mentors whomyou admire. It’s not only about who you know – it’s also about who THEY know. Professors you’ve connected with, bosses who taught you valuable skills, and professionals you’ve met through classes and recruitment events all know numerous other people who may be your ticket to a great job. These are also the folks you want on your side when it comes time to ask for letters of recommendation. Choose a few who’ve made a great impact on you, and send a thank you card letting them know how they’ve helped you. Try for a hand-written note instead of an email. They’ll remember you and be willing to put in a good word for you when you need it.

2) Learn how to use LinkedIn to your advantage and update your profile.

LinkedIn is a necessity in your social media repertoire. Even when you have a steady job, maintaining your LinkedIn page can connect you with numerous other professionals. Those leaders you sent thank you cards to? Make sure you’ve added them on LinkedIn, and ask for a recommendation on your page. Use the site’s tools to upload examples of your work to your profile. Undercover Recruiter recommends staying active in groups and discussions, having a professional (no bathroom pictures, no pictures with pets) photo, and personalizing your URL.

3) Bring treats to work on Friday and show appreciation to co-workers.

Valentine’s Day is a source of major sales for the candy industry – Business Insider notes that Americans will spend over a billion dollars on sugar and chocolate this week. Use the excuse to indulge and bring treats to share with your co-workers. Co-workers can often be valuable references when applying for jobs. When they have a successful career, they’ll be able to connect you to valuable resources. Show your co-workers how much you appreciate them and make an impression by bringing in cookies, candy or baked goods (bonus points if they’re homemade).

4) Take care of yourself.

Taking time to de-stress is important; it can help make sure you’re in top form for your classes, internship, job and networking events. If you’ve been wanting to splurge on a massage, now is a great time. The Student Recreation Center has some affordable options. You can also treat yourself to weekend excursion out of town, extra time at the gym, your favorite dessert or even just some alone time with a good book. Whatever it is, carve out some time to relax.

5) Learn how to talk to recruiters on Thursday, Feb.13.

Students and recruiters mingle at the 2014 Spring Job and Internship Expo.

Knowing how to present yourself to recruiters and potential employers can be intimidating. You only get one chance at a first impression. Understanding how to put your best foot forward is important. The College of Business Career Management Center is offering some tips this Thursday, Feb. 13th. Learn how to talk to the companies and recruiters that visit campus at the Bohemian Auditorium in Rockwell Hall West from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.


As business students, the relationships you have in your network can make all the difference in your career. During this holiday for relationships, make time this week for your professional connections. What networking tips and tricks have you discovered?


The Effects of the New Gun-Control Laws on Colorado’s Hunting Industry

By Annie Burnham

Hunters are protesting the recent gun-control laws passed by the Colorado legislature, according to the Washington Times. People from all over the country come to Colorado each year to take advantage of the hunting in the fall, but in light of recent gun-control legislation, hundreds of reservations are being cancelled by hunters.

Hunter in tree. Image Credit: Wikicommons

Hunter in tree.
Image Credit: Wikicommons

Colorado’s hunting industry brings in $1.8 billion in profits each year, but due to the looming boycott, small hunting lodge towns and other hunting industry companies will suffer dramatically this year.

Michael Bane, a Colorado resident and executive producer for the Outdoor Channel, is supporting the boycott efforts and even encouraged boycotters this week. “You are crazy to come to Colorado,” said Bane on his Wednesday talk show on Down Range Radio. “It’s not worth the risk. Spend your money where your culture is. Colorado doesn’t want you here.”

Republican state senator Greg Brophy emphasized the impact this will have on the economy in Colorado. “Gun control proponents failed to take into account the outrage the bills would provoke, particularly in a western state with a strong history and culture of gun ownership,” said Brophy. “The timing is also bad, given that hunters are now placing their names in the lottery for hunting tags in the fall.”

The state has already suffered from losing gun accessories manufacturer Magpul Industries Corporations recently. The financial implications will continue to surface in anticipation of July 1 when the bills go into effect.


Officer teaches hunting safety techniques.
Image Credit: Wiki Commons

State Park officials have tried to reassure hunters that the new restrictions will not impact them or hunting elk, one of the main reasons people hunt in Colorado. Though the Parks and Recreation Department has assured hunters will not suffer any legal issues, Bane warns hunters to stay away.

“[Colorado] is now issuing statements, like, ‘No, really, hunters, we won’t arrest you. We’re not going to arrest you, unless we do,’” Bane said. “No matter what the Division of Parks and Wildlife says, those murky areas they refer to can cost you everything you ever wanted and all your rights for owning firearms forever and ever and ever. It’s not worth the risk.”

Denver Post writer, Scott Willoughby, covered some of the benefits of boycotters sticking to their guns, so to speak. “If those jaded sportsmen from out of state and right here at home really do follow through with their threats to never spend another penny on hunting and fishing in Colorado, well, the hunting and fishing just got a lot better for those who do participate.”

Students and alumni: What do you think of the call for boycotts by hunters? Are these efforts sending a message to law-makers in Colorado, or are they hurting businesses that cater to hunters? Let us know what you think.

Giving Thanks

Next Thursday is Thanksgiving, and we at the College of Business have a lot for which to be thankful. Without the support and dedication of some terrific people and organizations, the College of Business would not be renowned program it is today. With that, we would like to take the time to thank some people who have helped build this college to be one of the best in the nation.

Our Students

CSU StudentsWith the right tools, any college can build the framework for a successful program. However, actually achieving success is impossible without hardworking students to make it happen. We believe that within the CSU College of Business you can find the nation’s best students, and they are at the heart of our program. Thank you students: for your hard work, your involvement, and your commitment to your school. We are consistently amazed by your accomplishments. Keep it up!

Our Faculty and Staff

In each of our five departments, you can find professors who are thought leaders in their fields. Their research continues to make an impact in the business world, and we are proud to have them at CSU. We are also excited by the stories we hear from students of professors going beyond their roles as researchers and teachers and becoming mentors. Our professors are dedicated to not only instilling knowledge in students but also building character and helping them reach their goals. Thank you to our professors for being so awesome!

Our Centers of Excellence

No matter what your interest in business, CSU’s College of Business has the programs and people to help you reach your goal. That’s why we’re so glad to have a number of centers dedicated to the specialized interests and aspirations of our undergraduate and graduate students. To the Beverage Business Institute, the Center for the Advancement of Social Enterprise, the Career Management Center, the Everitt Real Estate Center, the Center for Marketing & Social Issues, the Center for Professional Development & Business Research, the Tribal Technical Assistance Program, and the Institute for Entrepreneurship – thank you all for enriching our students’ experiences.

Colorado State University

Finally, we want to thank Colorado State University as a whole for…well…just about everything. From the students to the faculty and staff to the multitude of programs and organizations, everyone that works to make CSU a special place has gone above and beyond. Thank you all for doing what you do, and doing it so well.

CAN we do it? Yes we CAN!

Collaboratively written by Tim Pate and guest blogger Stephanie Meisner

Cans Around the Oval

College of Business students: Are you ready to break some records?

The time has come again that we are asking for the support of the Fort Collins community to combat hunger. That’s right – It’s time for Cans Around the Oval, the annual fundraiser at Colorado State University to benefit those affected by hunger in Larimer County. The College of Business is always one of the top contributors to the event, and we believe that this year can be even better than before. We just need your help.

Cans Around the Oval is an annual event started in 1986 by a CSU student with the goal of lining the entire oval with canned goods. Over the past 26 years, these donations have gone to the Larimer County Food Bank and individuals in need in Northern Colorado.

Donations are crucial for people without the resources to provide food for their family and themselves. As students, we can help them have a wonderful meal this holiday season. Together we can make a difference.

Last year, the University received donations of 60,300 pounds of food and $34,000. Nearly 30 percent of these donations (10,000 pounds of food and $14,000!) came from the College of Business, the leading contributor the past six years. This year, the University’s goal is to donate 65,000 pounds of food and $40,000.

College of Business CANstruction

The College of Business’s winning sculpture from 2011: A tribute to Steve Jobs and Apple

This week, on Oct. 10, the University will hold a CANstruction event on the Lory Student Center Plaza. This is a chance for students to form teams and create sculptures out of cans in order to encourage donations. Judges and students will determine who has the best design. The College of Business won last year with a tribute to the late Steve Jobs. CANstruction will also feature carnival games and other activities to engage students in the fundraiser.

Contributing is easy. You can make an online donation by visiting the Larimer County Food Bank donation page. In the “Donate on the behalf of field” please write “College of Business.”

You can also contribute by donating canned food or non-perishable goods to the CSU College of Business on Laurel and Sherwood. Let’s help each other make a difference for those in need.

Stephanie Meisner is currently a senior at Colorado State University studying business marketing and apparel merchandising. She also received an Entrepreneurship Certificate from the College of Business. Her commitment is towards a variety of community service efforts ranging from serving at the Community Service Chair for the Dean’s Student Leadership Council to being the event coordinator for Up ‘Til Dawn, an organization that raises money for St. Jude’s Children Hospital.  Meisner also served as the president of Entrepreneurship Club last year and continues with her passion of helping others by currently developing a business that focuses on serving as a resource to many non-profits.  Meisner worked for the Everitt Real Estate Center for three years and developed program efforts to get students interacting with industry professionals. Now she is a marketing intern at Water Pik, Inc. gaining firsthand experience in market research.

Get Caffeinated: Where to Get Your Coffee Fix on Campus

by Tim Pate

Like many of you, I had a little trouble getting out of bed this morning. Luckily for us, Colorado State University has a great selection of coffee hubs on campus so that we can get that pick-me-up to embrace the day. Below you’ll find information on five campus cafes and what is great about each of them.

1. Sweet Sinsations – Lory Student Center

Located directly across from the Information Desk, Sweet Sinsations is perfect for students traveling through campus’s central hub. Many students travel through the LSC on the way to classes in the Engineering Building, Clark, Eddy, Computer Sciences, and Rockwell, and Sweet Sinsations makes it easy to grab a cup on the go. Sweet Sinsations also offers a smoothie bar if you’re interested in trading coffee beans for fruit.

2. Sweet Temptations – Behavior Sciences

The younger sibling of Sweet Sinsations, Sweet Temptations is a newer coffee shop located in the elegantly modern Behavioral Sciences building. The Behavioral Sciences building is the prime location for study groups on campus, with study rooms available for reservation and laptops available for checkout. The coffee shop also offers $1 coffees if you just need that basic spark to get you going. Grab a cup, meet with your study group, and get productive!

3. Morgan’s Grind – Morgan Library

You’re in college, so it’s safe to assume you spend a healthy portion of your life in the library. Hours of studying and reading can be draining, and it’s nice to have a spot to grab a cup of joe to help you refuel and get back to work. Morgan’s Grind, on the lower level of the library, offers various coffee drinks as well as snacks to keep you going. There is also a study lounge in the coffee shop, complete with tables and chairs for group work or a den of pillows in the back, notoriously conducive to nap time.

4. Ram’s Horn Express – Academic Village

Do you spend more time in the dorms and less time near the center of campus? No need to fret – Academic Village has a coffee shop just for you. Ram’s Horn Express is in the same building as Ram’s Horn (the AV dining hall), and here you will find a convenient spot to grab a cup of coffee, a smoothie, and a variety of light snacks. Open until 1 a.m. every night of the week, Ram’s Horn Express is perfect for the freshmen who elects to cram the night before a big test.

5. The Bean Counter – Rockwell Hall-West

Of course I chose to save the best for last. The Bean Counter, New Rock’s favorite café, is perfect for the business student on the go. Located on the first floor of Rockwell Hall-West (near the ticker), the coffee shop offers close proximity to the classrooms, labs, auditoriums, and meeting rooms of Rockwell. Service is quick, so business students can grab a cup in between classes or on their way to a meeting with a professor.

Bonus points: Check-in to each of these locations on Foursquare to view tips, meet up with friends, or even unlock specials (free coffee, anyone?). 

Where are the fireworks?

by Courtney Grogan

To start off, I would like to recognize those who have been affected by the wildfires burning across the state. I know we all have gratitude for the firefighters who are protecting homes and our Colorado scenery. Even though these fires are becoming more contained each day, most cities in Colorado have cancelled their annual fireworks either out of precaution or respect for those affected by the fires. Since no Independence Day is complete without fireworks, where can you go to see them? Here is a list of some of the major fireworks displays near Fort Collins:


  • City of Loveland Fireworks Display
    • July 4th, Fireworks start at 9:17 p.m.
    • North Lake Park, Taft Avenue and 29th Street


  • Greeley Stampede
    • July 4th, Fireworks start at 10 p.m.
    • Island Grove Park, 600 North 14th Avenue


  • Denver Outlaws Game
    • July 4th, Fireworks start after the game
    • Sports Authority Field at Mile High, 1701 Bryant St.
  • 4thof July at Elitch Gardens
    • July 4th, Fireworks start at 9 p.m.
    • Elitch Gardens, 2000 Elitch Circle
  • Independence Day Eve
    • TODAY July 3rd, 8 p.m.
    • Civic Center Park, Broadway and Colfax

Unfortunately, Fort Collins decided to postpone their fireworks display at City Park, but there will still be festivities in Old Town Square on July 4th.

For an updated list of fireworks displays, check out this site. If you know of any displays not listed please comment! Where will you be celebrating the 4th of July tomorrow?

Fun Settings – Great Coffee!

By: Katie Kershman

Fort Collins is known for all the great local restaurants. We have more restaurants per capita than any other city in Colorado! For college students, coffee shops are a pillar in our diet and social life. I thought it would be useful to compare two of my favorite coffee shops close to campus – The Alley Cat and The Wild Boar.

ImageThe Alley Cat is a great little café located off of Laurel St. between College Avenue and Mason St.
There is a giant pointing hand in the alley to lead the way. One of the best aspects of this café is that it is open 24 hours. This is great for college students that keep unusual hours (as I’m sure most of us do). They have coffee, chi and tea drinks ranging from $1 – $4 (a fairly low cost when you consider many of Starbucks’ drinks cost more). They also have a wide selection of smoothies and shakes for $4.25 (these are definitely recommended by me). Breakfast is served all day, in addition, to an assortment of sandwiches and snacks.

Like most coffee shops, The Alley Cat has free wifi and they also ofImagefer in-shop printing at a low cost. Despite these convenient office offerings, I wouldn’t recommend this location if you’re looking to study in the evenings (though I do see people attempting this). They have regular performances by live bands and local artists which can make the place fairly loud. It also has a high volume of customers so it can be tricky finding an open table. If you’re looking for a fun environment to spend an evening I highly recommend this location!



Another fun environment I would suggest  is The Wild Boar. It is located near the corner of College and Prospect at 1510 South College Ave.  The shop is a 1924 bungalow style home with historic significance and an old world atmosphere which makes it an enjoyable setting to explore.

Because it is an old house there are many different rooms to camp out. They also have a wider selection of food with American, Greek, and Mexican food choices for reasonable prices. Additionally, they have their liquor license which means they offer a great selection of microbrews and wine (though I don’t suggest mixing these with your study time). The coffee here is outstanding and free wifi makes it easy to camp out for several hours and accomplish some serious study time.Image


These are just two of my favorite coffee shops around town, but there are a lot of options close to campus. What are some of your favorite shops to visit in the area?