Past Authors

Katie Kershman

Katie graduated from the College of Business in 2012. We greatly appreciate all of her work on the blog and wish her the best of luck!

Katie Kershman graduated in 2012 after studying business administration with a concentration in marketing. She finished her degree in English creative writing at Colorado State in 2010, then declared a second degree to avoid an early graduation. She thoroughly enjoys reading and writing short stories and novels (as much as any English major should), as well as spending time with her friends and family. During her time working at the College of Business’ Department of Communications, she wrote many articles for the College’s website ( These articles have been featured in the College’s monthly alumni newsletter, which she  coordinated each month. In addition to many other duties in the College of Business, she wrote for this blog once a week. It was her baby, so enjoy it!

TimothyTimothy Pate

Greetings! My name is Tim Pate and I am a new alumnus of the Journalism and Technical Communication program at Colorado State.  I also completed a business administration minor, and I’m thrilled to have the chance to combine my passions of writing and business for this site. I also love travelling, reading, and playing various indoor and outdoor sports. I have enjoyed taking on a variety of writing and editing tasks for my internship position with the College of Business, and you can find my work throughout the College’s website ( and magazine. I’m excited to work with the College of Business team on making this blog as informative and entertaining as it can be!


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