Current Authors

| 2013-2014 |

Annie Burnham

Hi. My name is Annie Burnham. I am going into my second year as ablogphoto2 graduate student in the Department of Journalism and Technical Communications. I work in the College of Business’ Department of Communications. I’m a North Carolina native and did my undergraduate work in Kentucky. I am working toward a master’s degree in public relations and strategic communication. I have loved to write since I was a young girl. Although I prefer fiction writing, I have grown to enjoy nonfiction writing as well. I hope my writing entertains and inspires you as you journey through this semester.


Natalie Hansen

Hi! My name is Natalie Hansen, and I am a second year graduate student working towards 0db3527a Master of Science in public relations in the Colorado State University Department of Journalism and Technical Communication. I work in the CSU College of Business’ Department of Communications as a writer for the alumni newsletter and social media sites. I am originally from Rawlins, Wyo. and completed my bachelor’s in Communications at the University of Nevada – Las Vegas. I did two Disney College Programs (one in California and one in Florida), and my dream is to have a career planning large scale events for Disneyland in California. I love to write and hope to inform and entertain you throughout the coming school year.

Courtney Grogan


Hi! My name is Courtney Grogan and I am a junior Business Administration student concentrating in Marketing and Management. I’m very excited to share my passion and involvement in the College of Business with you all! I work with the College of Business’ Office of Communications and recently started working on marketing for the Career Management Center. I hope that I can help Tim to not only make this blog informative and entertaining, but also to help you all become as passionate about business as I am!


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