Fill out the BusinessWeek survey!

Hey business students – are you proud of your college? If so, don’t keep it inside; make sure to let someone know. Specifically, you should tell BusinessWeek, who recently released their annual survey of business students.

Last year, the College of Business at Colorado State University ranked 94th overall among business schools, 37th among public business schools, 18th among land-grant universities, and 10th among public universities without a Ph.D. program. Only seven schools ranked higher than CSU that were less expensive.

A number of factors go into BusinessWeek’s ranking system, but feedback from students is a major one. In order for CSU to be ranked, the College needs a certain percentage of students to submit completed surveys. Your voice counts, so make sure to share your input.

Though the surveys should have arrived in your student email inboxes by now, we understand that those emails get deleted and lost, or that you may have simply forgotten your password. No need to fret – you can still take the survey and show pride in your school.

If you have lost your login, it can be retrieved by going to  Enter your school email address as your username, and your password will be emailed to you. Remember, the correct email address to be used is your email address, not your College of Business or personal email.

Depending on how many students submit surveys, the deadline will be around Jan. 20, 2013. It only takes a few minutes to fill out the survey, so please follow the email or the link!



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