A little encouragement for Dead Week

Ghost town

Campus feels a bit like a ghost town, doesn’t it?

by Tim Pate

Here we are. We are in the middle of the dreaded Dead Week – the week before final exams when students realize that all the procrastinating of the semester is about to take its toll. Campus is hauntingly quieter than normal as the dark cloud of finals lingers over the heads of worried students. Students abandon their strict gym constitutions and late-night activities and elect instead to coup themselves in their rooms, pouring over dimly lit books and notes that haven’t been reviewed since they were composed.

Yes, it’s that time of year, and I know that the stress of it all might be getting to you. I’m also realistic enough to know that reading this blog post is probably another excuse for you to put off studying just a few more minutes. That being the case, I have a few words of encouragement to get you through these dark times…

You’re almost done.

That’s right. Winter Break is just around the corner, and all that is standing between you and that sweet relief is a few tests, your last remaining classes, and some study hours fueled by excessive amounts of coffee and energy drinks.

But when that has all been completed, you get five weeks (count ‘em – it’s five this year) with no academic responsibility. (That is, of course, assuming you didn’t choose to take winter classes.) It is important to remember this time of year that what lies ahead of you is nothing you haven’t experienced before. Even if this is your first semester at college, keep in mind that you had to take finals in order to get here. You and millions of other students have maneuvered finals successfully before now, and you can do it again.

So take a deep breath, stick your nose back in your books, and get to work. In only a couple weeks’ time, you could be drinking hot chocolate and sitting by a fire with the fright of finals a distant memory from your past.

Need to procrastinate a bit more? Tell us your plans for the break in the comments below!


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