Get Involved!

By Tim Pate

Congratulations! You made it through the first week of the fall semester at CSU. Most of your professors are diving into the material for your classes, and you are slowly learning or remembering what it’s like to be a CSU Ram.

As you become more accustomed with being back in school, I would like to encourage you to look into an opportunity to enhance your university career: student involvement. There is no better place to start than right here at the College of Business, where we have nearly 20 student organizations specifically tailored to your interests in the world of business.

Members of the Society of Human Resource Management Student Chapter use Hewlett-Packard HALO video conferencing technology to meet with Human Resource professionals from around the world. (Photo and caption courtesy SHRM)

No matter your concentration, the College of Business has a student organization just for you. These departmental organizations are here to foster your education and to give you real-world experience in the field of your choice. Get homework assistance, participate in competitions, or just meet people who share your interests. Clubs are great for networking and team-building, and they often lead to opportunities after college.

Student organizations also go beyond the concentrations within the College. A number of fraternities, honor societies, and diversity organizations are also available to help you become connected to College of Business and CSU communities. Even better, if there is an organization you have conceptualized but does not yet exist, nothing is obstructing you from establishing it and starting a legacy of your own.

At the College of Business, you can expect great professors who will develop in you a great knowledge of the business world. However, you have the power to enrich your experience at CSU by getting involved in campus organizations. What you gain in your time at Fort Collins is largely dependent on the effort you commit to making this time special.

Interested in joining a College of Business student organization? Learn more about them all here.


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