Laughter: The Best Discipline

By Tim Pate

No joke, humor serves a variety of purposes in today’s world. The ability to make others laugh can make you more enjoyable as a classmate, a teammate or an employee; but it is also important to laugh yourself each day to relieve inevitable stress. Here you will find a few examples how humor and laughter can enhance your work and your daily life.

Take a Laugh Break

LaughSchool and work can both prove to be highly stressful environments. When deadlines seem impossible to meet, when professors and bosses seem impossible to please, when your workload continues to grow heavier and heavier, comic relief is essential to maintaining optimism and sanity. Really great employers provide outlets for employees who need to blow off steam. (Why do you think so many people are dying to work at places such as New Belgium Brewing, Google, Facebook and OtterBox?)

However, you can find a source of happiness no matter where you are. My suggestion? Before you start to feel overwhelmed, put aside ten minutes to focus on yourself. Watch a puppy yawn on YouTube, scroll through a funny blog, read the funnies – whatever it is that helps you to smile, calm down and refocus. Scientists are learning that taking occasional breaks increases worker productivity to a much greater extent than painstakingly trying to remain focused the whole day through; so take a second and laugh a little on the job.

Make the People Laugh

What do viral videos, great Super Bowl ads, and your best friend all have in common? They can make you laugh. Clever marketers understand and are able to capitalize on the human desire to laugh. Of course, humor is a delicate art form that can be devastating if executed improperly, but that doesn’t keep ambitious people from harnessing the power of laughter. Learn the tricks of the trade and you could potentially capture the attention of your most important audiences.

Laugh at Yourself

On the off chance you are a human, I’m going to speculate that you have probably made a mistake or two in your lifetime. I’ll even go one step further and postulate that at least one of those mistakes was a BIG mistake. We all make blunders, big and small, and in this commonality we have to find some humor. Otherwise, how are we supposed to rectify the mistake and move on? Nobody should expect perfection from themselves or anybody else. Don’t take yourself so seriously that a single slip-up drags down the potential of the rest of your work.

Now go ahead: giggle, chuckle, chortle, and snicker…and watch as your productivity and happiness immediately begin to rise.


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