Wanna get away?

by Tim Pate

College is likely one of the busiest periods of your entire life. Professors, coaches, advisers, and bosses – they’re all expecting something from you at once. It can be a struggle just to keep tasks in order, much less find time for yourself. However, every once in a while, 15 minutes of down time might just fall in your lap; and when you have a second to breathe, there are some really peaceful places on campus to regroup and be calm.

  1. Monfort QuadMonfort Quadrangle – Located just east of the Clark building, this open area is great for a quick nap in the grass. Away from the noise of the Lory Student Center Plaza, here you can use your backpack for a pillow and catch some z’s. Trees around the border offer refreshing shade, but you can also set up camp in the center if you’re running low on Vitamin D.
  2. microbiologyMicrobiology Building Student Lounge and Patio – I first stumbled upon this hideaway one day when I was just looking for a place to refill my water bottle. On the ground floor of the Microbiology Building (in the A Wing), you can find a quiet lounge with couches, a vending machine, and desktop computers. Walk up the stairs and find yourself on a small patio where you can people-watch from your peaceful perch.
  3. The Lagoon – The quintessential college relaxation spot, the CSU Lagoon is gorgeous during the warm months when it is full of water. To the west of the Lory Student Center you will find the Lagoon. Pack a picnic, watch the geese, and escape for a bit. This location is also popular among lovebirds looking for a quiet place to woo a significant other.
  4. Occupational Therapy Garden – It might take a little exploring to find this getaway, but when you do discover it, you’ll understand why it made the list. The Occupational Therapy Building is not the most well-known location on campus, and the Garden is around the backside of the building. Small and quaint, the Occupational Therapy Garden features a covered seating area and plenty of flowers for your sniffing pleasure. I’ll let you explore if you want to find this gem.
  5. OvalThe Oval – If you know anything about CSU, you knew that our dear Oval was going to appear on this list. In the warmer months, students love to spend their time here, playing Frisbee, reading a book, or leaning against one of the massive trees between classes. When the snow falls, the grounds are perfect for building snowmen and igloos.

These are just a few of my favorite places to take a break from the quick pace of college life. What are some of your hideaways? Feel free to comment and tell us about them!


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