The Next Step


By: Katie Kershman

Here it is – finals week and the end of another semester. For me it marks the last week of my undergraduate career. Like many of my fellow graduating seniors, I’m excited, (no more late nights studying!) nervous, (still don’t have a big kid job) and a little nostalgic. The nostalgia has been most prevalent this week. I’ve spent four years living and breathing everything CSU. Fortunately I know I will carry the green and gold with me as I take this next step. As such, I’d like to share on insights Professor Lumina Albert provided me that I’ll keep with me on my next journey.

“People may urge you to ‘Follow your heart’, but following your heart is not always the best thing to do. Sometimes following your heart may lead you to do impulsive things that you end up regretting forever. So, I would like to re-word that piece of advice as ‘Follow your aspirations’.”

Unfortunately, I don’t know where my next step is going to take me. I’ve had the opportunity to learn some of the paths of my fellow seniors and find it very encouraging. What is the next step for you? What guidance have you found particularly inspirational? Keep checking back with us as we move into the summer and introduce a new set of freshmen at the College of Business! My trusty colleague will be taking over to keep things interesting.


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