Concentrations – An Overview

By: Katie Kershman

When I first came to CSU I had no idea what I was doing. I knew I wanted to get a business degree, but I didn’t realize how many options there are in this field! I got lucky and fell into the correct concentration – marketing, but I doubt that happens for everyone. The College of Business website offers a comprehensive breakdown of each of the concentration options offered at the college. It can be a bit dense to shuffle through, especially during this part of the year, so I thought we could simplify the process for you. There are six concentrations: accounting, computer information systems, finance, management, marketing, and real estate and a unique minor program offered at CSU’s College of Business for undergraduate students.


  • Track the financial activity of a firm
  • One of the fastest growing fields in the nation
  • Strong focus in gathering and analyzing data
  • Average Salary $46,042.42
  • For more information visit:  Accounting at Colorado State

Computer Information Systems

  • Solve business computer, software and networking problems
  • Industry is fast-paced, challenging, and unpredictable
  • Requires strong communication skills
  • Average Salary $52,121.05
  • For more information visit:  CIS at Colorado State


  •  Identify and make decisions in financial planning, control and analysis of a firm
  • Industry is ever-changing and at times very stressful
  • Strong Mathematical and analytical skills
  • Average Salary $45,371.43
  • For more information visit:  Finance at Colorado State

Real Estate

  • Develop, finance, manage and market land
  • Industry is in high demand for professional services in property development, brokerage, appraisal and lending
  • Average Salary $46,750.00
  • For more information visit:  Real Estate at Colorado State


  • Make strategic decisions and oversee employees
  • Industry is rapidly evolving and reflects the current state of the global economy
  • Requires excellent communication and decision making skills
  • Average Salary $39,622.50
  • For more information visit: Management at Colorado State


  • Create the ‘face’ of a company
  • Industry is rapidly changing and expected to grow 12% between 2008 and 2018
  • Problems solving that blends analytical and creative skills
  • Average Salary $39,883.10
  • For more information visit:  Marketing at Colorado State

Business Minor

  • Survey of business processes including Accounting, Finance, Marketing and Management
  • Supplement to  your chosen career field
  • Open to any student at CSU
  • For more information Visit: Business minor at Colorado State

2 thoughts on “Concentrations – An Overview

  1. Thanks Katie! This is really thorough and informative. I’m not even a business major, but this post was really well-composed and readable.

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