Did You Know There’s a Bike Library?

by Tim Pate

While many of The Rocky Mountain Collegian‘s daily polls are conducted in jest and purely for the sake of amusement, sometimes the quick surveys yield some interesting and useful results. Take, for example, the poll being conducted as I write this post – “Have you used the FoCo bike library?

The FoCo Bike Library is a free service for anyone in Fort Collins who needs a bike. Users can borrow the bikes for up to seven days, and let me reiterate: it’s FREE. With four locations in the Fort Collins area, the Bike Library offers a clean, inexpensive way to travel around town.

Fort Collins is consistently ranked among the most biker-friendly cities in the country. Plenty of students and community members bike frequently, so it’s reasonable to assume that: A.) There are people who desire to bike but don’t own a bike, and B.) Some bike-owners have bikes under repair or otherwise rendered out-of-commission.

For these reasons, the concept of a bike library really makes sense in a place like Fort Collins. Unfortunately, the Collegian‘s most recent poll indicates that this resource is largely untapped.

At the time, 43 people have taken part in the poll. 47 percent have not used the library; 12 percent have; and 42 percent have never heard of it. Considering that some people who voted ‘no’ have probably also never heard of the Bike Library, the problem seems to be lack of visibility. But why, in a college town so receptive to the spoked mode of transportation, is a program like FoCo Bike Library so invisible?

A little online searching answers this question pretty easily: FoCo Bike Library’s social media presence is virtually nill.  Business experts have been trying to hammer the importance of social media home for some time now, but the idea is still greatly foreign to many companies and organizations. Without at least making yourself available via social media, you doom yourself to underexposure and lack of brand recognition.

While unfortunate for well-meaning organizations like FoCo Bike Library, companies’ lack of social media experience presents quite the opportunity for you, students of the online generation. Regardless of the career you pursue and its respective field, it is important that you stress the dire need for social media presence to your supervisors.

Let me stress: it matters not what career you pursue. Every type of business and organization needs social media presence. Just like the FoCo Bike Library, it’s free and useful – why not use it?

*Note: 93 people responded in total. 47 percent had not used the Bike Library, 8 percent had, and 45 percent had never heard of it.


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