Career Frenzy

By: Katie Kershman

The College of Business has some exciting and useful connections with local and national companies. It’s one of the perks I’m noticing that comes with being a CSU business student. Many companies will hire us before they look elsewhere. In this economy that’s a pretty awesome perk!

In my time at CSU I’ve learned one of the best events is the biannual career fair. Tons of companies come to CSU on one day to recruit from multiple degree fields for their available part time and permanent positions in addition to many opportunities for internships. It’s one of the events that is beneficial for both lower and upper classmen. The best part: pretty much every company at the fair would love to have a business student on their team so it’s a win win!

I thought the most interesting way to explain the career fair is to have one of my fabulous coworkers explain his experience. Meet Wade Corliss, a senior Business student with concentrations in Marketing and CIS.

On February 8th, I walked into the Lory Student Center Ballrooms dressed in my business-best. This was the day that I had ignored for two years (as do most Freshmen and Sophomore students) – the Job Fair. When you’re young, you don’t really understand how helpful the Job Fair can be for you. It’s not just for Juniors and Seniors that are getting ready to graduate and that are looking for big kid jobs. There are an abundance of summer internships that are waiting eagerly for a young business student to snatch up. The Job Fair also serves as a chance for younger students to gain networking experience and to practice looking for a job – without all of the consequences of screwing up that chance at your dream job. On this day, I regretted the fact that I hadn’t used all of my previous years to practice.

They say that you should research companies before you talk to them at the Job Fair. In my case, I hadn’t had much time to prepare beforehand, so I brought my handy-dandy tablet with me – just in case. I was also accompanied by one of my classmates, as we both have Computer Information Systems concentrations. I’ve found that this can make the process of talking to a recruiter a little bit more comfortable (not to mention that the recruiters have to give one less speech about their company).

We started our adventure by visiting with companies we both shared an interest in. After visiting with a couple of recruiters, I started to loosen up. This wasn’t so bad! I was making connections, and learning more about companies. When my classmate had to leave, I set off on my own to look for more opportunities in the crowded ballroom. This time I concentrated on finding a job that would fit with my second concentration, Marketing. I even found a few recruiters that were interested in both of my concentrations.

An hour later, I left the Job Fair feeling quite confident with myself. I had managed to hand out several of my resumes and made connections with recruiters of the companies that I was interested in. I may not have been hired on the spot, but the experience the Job Fair gave me was priceless.


2 thoughts on “Career Frenzy

  1. I’ve never been to a Career Fair. Meeting with business professionals is nerve-racking enough, but when it’s a spur-of-the-moment affair, I feel like I just freeze up. Any suggestions on how to get the conversation going in the first place?

  2. James – the good thing about Career Fairs is the recruiters expect you to be looking for a job and learning about their company. We would recommend introducing yourself – name, major, and interests and then ask them about the company, how long the recruiters has worked there, what their function is and why they enjoy it so much? This should be a good starting place. Hope this helps.

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