Best Teacher Awards

By: Katie Kershman

We’ve all had those teachers that stick out in our minds as people who have truly made a difference in our lives. The professors that helped us to discovImageer our career ambitions, instilled confidence in our abilities, and made an effort to get to know us as more than a student. The may have shared the best stories, made difficult subjects suddenly click, or  spoke the most amusing statements in class, regardless they made a made a difference in our lives.

CSU has some really extraordinary teachers – and I mean this both for their greatness and their quirks. I personally have had the pleasure of working with some great professors: Joe Cannon, Joey Dennis, Kelly Martin, Bill Shuster, Ralph Switzer, Troy Mumford, Paul Vanderspek, Doug Hoffman, and Gina Mohr just to name a few – obviously being a marketing concentration I’ve worked with those professors the most, I’m sure the professors in the other concentrations are just as wonderful.

For me, one professor really made a difference through a small act of kindness – Professor Zumwalt of the finance department. As all college graduates will attest, there are those times when a class slips through the cracks. With all the activities and jobs most business students have on top of a full class loads it’s inevitable. While taking FIN300 I experienced just this situation – and let’s face it, as a marketing student finance just eludes me. I went to Dr. Zumwalt’s office hours one afternoon, right before a big assignment was due with no clue how to begin completing it. Dr. Z was very patient with my absentmindedness and carefully walked me through four pages of problems. It obviously took quite a long period of his time. Sometimes it’s really the little things that can mean the world when we need them the most.

The Alumni Association is asking students to nominate those teachers that were ‘the best’ through the Best Teacher Awards Program and Dinner. Teachers are nominated by students and alumni and are selected by a committee comprised of faculty, students, and members of the Alumni Association Board of Directors.

Nominations for 2012 must be submitted by 5:00 pm on Friday, February 3, 2012.

For more information or to nominate a professor visit:

Share below some of your favorite experiences with the outstanding College of Business professors!


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