President Tony Frank sends us his welcome back greeting

By: Katie Kershman

Over the winter break there were some exciting new developments and changes!

  • New Hire for Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. Dr. Mark Stetter comes from Walt Disney Company! His previous position was director of animal operations where he oversaw the daily care of thousands of animals and managed vets, curators, zookeepers, and aquarists. If he can take care of that many animals he’s sure to be able to manage one of the premier colleges at our University! He has over 23 years of veterinary medicine experience and we are most fortunate to add him to our team. He will begin working at CSU in May.
  • Speculation for new on-campus stadium!  President Frank does emphasize that we are at the very beginning stages of a process that will include discussion of how such a stadium could be funded (naming rights and donor funding are the anticipated foundational elements), where it might be located (we have committed to maintaining green space and views, being sensitive to parking issues, and working with the City and local neighbors), and what additional elements (if any) would be jointly located (for example, our Alumni Association has long desired an Alumni Center, and some universities have built dorm space into stadium structures that ended up being in very high demand).  The establishment of a 15-person Stadium Advisory Committee with student, faculty, and community representation has been established. President Frank also emphasizes that we are fully committed to pursuing the feasibility of the project, but inherent in a discussion about whether we can fund a stadium and the pros and cons of where we might locate it is the assumption that if we can’t work out the details, then this might not proceed.
  • The financial budget was also discussed over break. At this time CSU is still modeling an average 3% salary increase for faculty and administrative professionals and tuition increases of 9% for resident undergraduates, 3% for non-resident undergraduates (about the same $ increase as for residents), and 5% for graduate students. Further updates will be announced as they develop.
  • Also, for any students who have not noticed, there are new registration add and withdraw deadlines. The deadline for adding a class has now been moved to the end of the first week of classes for the semester. The withdraw date has been moved forward to February 12.

Let us know what other news you would like to hear about or have heard about below!


Welcome Back!

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a great winter break and got some much needed rest. By now, we’ve all gotten our new syllabi for the next semester’s classes; an event that brings excitement as well as trepidation. The New Year is a chance for a new start, for some this is much needed, and each semester is just the same so make sure you take advantage of it. A great way to succeed in classes is to start on the right track. You can do this by organizing notebooks, adding important homework dates into a planner, and buying the required reading. All of these supplies can be found at the CSU Bookstore. It only takes a few hours to do these things, and it will make the rest of the semester run much more smoothly. Comment below with some of your New Year resolutions, semester jumpstart techniques, and stories of your winter break experience!