Finals Week: Let the Adventure Begin

By: Katie Kershman

Finals for most college students, finals are approached with both dread and longing. Dread for the long hours of studying, the stress, and the big reveal of grades. Longing for the end of the semester, the feeling of accomplishment and holiday break. During this stressful time, it is important to keep a level head and focus on our end goal. Here are some strategies for doing your best on finals.

  1. Time management –Balance homework, studying, and rest. It’s a good idea to make a time management calendar. Write down when and where your finals are taking place. Since this is not your normal schedule this will help you arrive in the correct location at the correct time. Also schedule in time for study and breaks. It will help you focus your time and help ease some of the stress of time restraints.
  2. Successful attitude –Leave all the stress and pressures of your life outside the classroom. Imagine doing well on the test. It will boost your self-esteem so you can focus on the questions rather than your self-doubt.
  3. Sleep and Food –Get at least seven hours of sleep before each test. Also, attempt to keep a good diet during finals week. Stay away from acidic or greasy foods.
  4. Linking questions – On tests, especially finals, the answer to one question may be found in another question. If possible, never leave any questions blank.
  5. Study Environment – It is very important to study in a good environment. Make sure it’s an area you are comfortable with. If you never study at the library, it may not be a good idea to start now. However, make sure it is a place you can focus without distractions. Dare I say, logout of Facebook.
  6. Review – When reviewing multiple chapters before an exam, divide it into parts. (maybe schedule it out on your calendar). If a professor offers a review sessions be sure to attend.
  7. Breaks – Remember to take breaks. For every hour of study, try to take at least a ten minute break. Move around and get your blood pumping again. It’s also a good idea to alternate subjects if possible
  8. Resources – Attend the TILT workshop on final exam strategies.                 Tuesday, December 6, 2011, 07:00 PM
    Monday/Tuesday workshops in TILT 105; Thursday workshops in Weber 202.
  9. Groups – Study in groups when possible. You may find areas you’ve forgotten from the semester.
  10. Study tips – Check out our September 14, 2011 post. Normal study tips apply to finals as well.

Soon enough we will all get our much needed break. Share below tactics and successes for the adventure of finals!


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