Registration Headaches

By: Katie Kershman

As a senior, you would think registration would be a breeze. Alas! This is most definitely not the case. I’ve now registered for classes eight times, and each time feels more confusing and stressful than the last. I end up opening several different tabs and confusing times and days with other classes. There are so many codes and technical details that you have to keep track of and in the end hope that magically you have the classes correct in the system.

I thought during this stressful time I would share some of the tips I have found over the years to make the task a bit less daunting.

Meet with your advisor – I’ve never actually managed to make this appointment prior to my registration time. However, Mike Jaramillo is fantastically helpful. In one fifteen minute meeting he outlined the rest of the classes I needed for my degree and what classes to take each semester. If I would have followed it, I’m sure registration would have been a lot easier!

Know your registration date – There is a specific time your registration opens. Make sure you know when this is so you have the highest probability of getting the classes you need. This date can be found on your ramweb home page.

Open tabs – This looks a bit cluttered but it really does simplify things. I open a tab with the registration search, then a tab with my weekly schedule, and one tab with a list of classes I am considering. It cuts down on going back and looking at classes again.

Learn the jargon – Registration is full of different confusing terms. It’s helpful to know what each term does for you.

CRN – This number is very important when you are looking at classes before actually registering. If you find a class and time you like, write down the CRN number. When you finally go to register, all you have to do is type that number in and you’re set!

C – The dreaded C! This will appear where a checkbox usually is during registration. This means that the class has reached capacity. If you really want that class, consider using the waitlist option.

Waitlist – This is a new option added to registration. Believe it or not this is waaaay better than what we used to have to do to get into a class that was already full. To get on a waitlist, find the CRN number for the class you want. Then type it into the CRN worksheet page. Save changes. The page will reload and the class will have an error. Go to the dropdown menu for the class and select waitlist. Make sure you save your changes again! An email will be sent to the email CSU has on file when a spot opens up. Be sure to check your email often so you don’t miss your window of opportunity.

Share your troubles – If you still can’t get into a class you really need, talk to your advisor or the professor of the class. Sometimes they are able to give you an override depending on your situation. They really are here to help us!

I’m sure there are a lot more tricks to make registration less difficult. Share below some of the methods you guys have found!


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