Homecoming: Wait What?

By: Katie Kershman

Homecoming was last weekend! I know, way to state the obvious right? But in reality I don’t actually think it’s as obvious as it should be given that it’s HOMECOMING. I will explain myself. For my first two years at CSU I missed all the homecoming festivities. And no it wasn’t on purpose. I suppose to a certain extent I was living under a rock but let’s think about this. How many activities are targeted to current students? How many activities do undergraduates actually hear about?

The parade is a guaranteed good time and the various Greek competitions are focused more towards undergrads, but that seems insignificant in the scope of homecoming. I’ve recently discovered at the end of the parade there is a bonfire, fireworks show, and pep rally. This sounds like a good time but I’ve never met anyone who has attended and four years after starting at CSU I’m just learning about it. One business student explained why he didn’t partake in the celebrations, “none of my friends went to the parade so it never crossed my mind.” He further explained that most of the other undergraduate activities take place during the day when most students (especially College of Business students) have class and/or work. I am proud to say that the homecoming football game was sold out! It’s good to see attendance up at the football games but again it pales in comparison to the eight page list of activities that actually take place.

Now, having explained myself, I’m not quite sure what a solution would be. Better advertising? (Remember I’m a marketing concentration so advertising is always on the table J) Different times for the current activities? Maybe COB students get isolated because we live in Rockwell at the edge of campus so it’s less likely for us to stumble upon an interesting event. I’m not sure. What are some solutions you guys think may generate more interest for undergraduates?


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