Guest Blogger Kelsey Carter

Greetings all! Occasionally we are going to have guest bloggers here to give us different perspectives on the undergraduate experience. This week will be our first guest blogger. Post a comment below about what you guys think!

Hi my name is Kelsey Carter and I am a junior accounting and finance major! I am also a member of the Dean’s Student Leadership Council within the College of Business and have the unique opportunity of being a CAM the Ram Handler.

My undergraduate experience has been more amazing then I had ever thought possible. The College of Business is a great school with great professors who can make classes interesting so you actually are excited about learning and attending class. The clubs within our College are held to very high standards and are definitely worth joining as they help you connect with other students in the college. For me, joining the Dean’s Student Leadership Council (DSLC), has already been a wonderful experinece. I have made close friends and become more a part of the College because of it.

The DSLC is an organization whose goal is to be the liaison between the students, dean, and faculty. Also, we help to spearhead different activities such as Cans Around the Oval or Business Day and then recruit all of our fellow College of Business clubs to join us in making these events a success. One of the aspects I enjoy most about DSLC is the fact that we are a purpose-driven organization instead of an activity-driven organization. While it is true that we do participate in a variety of activities, our goal is to focus on the “why” aspect more than the “what” factor. We want to make sure we are truly “making a difference” and living up to the motto of our college and not just going through the motions. DSLC is not a large organization but consists of all concentrations under the Business Administration major. In keeping the organization more on the small size, it allows everyone to get to know each other and come together on projects. Not only have I been able to participate in Cans Around the Oval and Relay for Life, both events giving back to the community, but I was also able to help with Business Day and watch as it was such a success. This organization has truly helped me to find my place in the college instead of just attending classes. I would encourage all students to find a club or organization to get involved in as it truly enhances your college experience.


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