Rivalries and the Thrill before a Big Match-up

By: Katie Kershman

Sports are one of the most exciting parts of being in college! Of course this excludes our exciting classes ;-). Rivalries make it even more exciting for the players, but especially for the fans. Whether it’s the big showdown against CU or our neighbors to the north; or whether the sport is football, volleyball, basketball, or soccer, fans break out their green and gold and get pumped up for a rivalry event. For fans, it’s more than what happens on the field or court that makes the difference at an event. It’s the tailgating before a big game, the friendly banter between competitors, and the energy in the crowd. It’s the anticipation and the promise of a good time no matter what the outcome.

All around campus my fellow students and I discussed our experience from last weekend’s showdown against CU. Somehow we all managed to get out of bed far earlier than for classes (and with far less complaining) and find our way to the stadium (Mile High/Invesco field/Sports Authority/whatever they’re calling it these days). Many rams even find their way down the night before and stay downtown extending the experience. Despite the outcome, I felt satisfied with my experience. It’s more than just the game; it’s everything that goes with it. Spending time with friends, making plans, and bonding with the university student body. After the big showdown, I thought it might be fun to share our rituals heading into a big game. What are some things you guys do to celebrate sports at CSU?


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