By: Katie Kershman

As we jump start into the new semester, I thought it would be interesting to see what advice there is out there for studying, succeeding, and life in general. To get the conversation going I asked some familiar names throughout the College of Business what advice they find the most important. Here’s what they shared:

Melissa Luna, Career Services Manager, wanted to let everyone know how important internships are for junior year. In addition, she emphasizes the importance of getting involved either in student organizations and/or the community.  She explained both of these make the students more marketable upon graduation. She also wanted to share with students that the typical job search takes between 5-6 months so we need to get engaged in the career search knowing this timeline.

Susan Athey, Associate Professor of Computer Information Systems, shared this:

“… two roads diverged in a wood, and I —
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.”

These lines from Robert Frost’s poem are my favorite and tend to guide my life.  When I was 18, I took the back roads from Maryland and West Virginia and headed off to Virginia Tech where the M/F ratio was about 8 to 1 – talk about interesting!  The next “road less traveled” led me to Fort Collins – 1500 miles from where I grew up.  I didn’t know a soul here!  When I got bored with my job after 5 years (I have a short attention span.) the next road took me to Tucson, Arizona for  Ph.D. land. I eventually made it back to Ft. Collins and CSU as a prof in CIS.  I turned left off the “professor” road to the Associate Dean road after 14 years or so and meandered down it stopping at meeting, problem, event, and interesting student stops along the way.

Squiggly roads have let me spend a year in Melbourne, Australia and 3 months in Portugal.(Portugal has LOTS of “roads less taken” in an absolute sense.)  Studying maps  led me to places and towns on the white roads on a Michelin map that are not on any formal tour, I’m sure. (Anyone been to La Grave or Eaux Bonne, France??)  The same “roads” led me to new adventures in life – living where I know no one, grad school, attempting to learn a new language, traipsing around England by myself, researching genealogy in hidden cemeteries, etc.

So … get out the map, look for the narrow, infrequently traveled roads in life and go exploring.  Don’t just follow the interstate that everyone else travels.  That unpaved, tree-lined road may lead you to the best adventures in your life.

Gina Mohr, Marketing Instructor, shared this life experience:
I have found that my greatest rewards have been achieved as a result of patience and persistence rather than hard work alone. My advice to any student who is stalled in a tough job market, a tough class, or even a personal challenge is to be patient and ask questions…and continue to ask questions. There have been a number of situations in which I felt completely stalled and all it took was a simple inquiry, or a meeting with a professor or mentor, to get moving again.

This is what our esteemed faculty have learned what are some suggestions you have for your fellow students as we move forward through the year?


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